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Ruko Nagoya Hill Superblock Jl. Teuku Umar Block J No 23 Lubuk Baja. Batam
Komplek Dian Center Block CNo 12 (Belakang DC Mall, Batu Selicin, Lubuk Baja, Batam.
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About Us

Escape spa batam, of which located in Nagoya hill, established in 
Our headquarter is in Meda than 12 years.  

Why should Escape SPA

Best Service

Escape SPA has a team of experienced massage therapists over the years.

Ultimate Safety and Convenience

We maintain cleanliness by using sterile and high quality equipment.

Competitive Price

Don’t worry about high prices, we offer affordable prices and include free transportation within the Batam area.

Benefit Of SPA Treatment

Overcoming Anxiety

If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, a study shows that massage can actually help significantly reduce these symptoms.

Make Sleep Better

Having trouble sleeping or insomnia? Massage therapy is known to help you sleep better.

Reducing Fatigue

Whatever the cause of your fatigue, massage therapy is here as the right and effective solution to do.

Increase Focus

Ever struggled to focus in a meeting for more than 10 minutes? The effect of the massage will actually help increase your attention and ability to focus. .

Treating Injury

If you have joint injuries or pain, massage can be one of the best solutions. The therapy can remove soft tissue restrictions and improve blood circulation in the body which in turn helps treat injuries.

Our Treatments

Body Massage

Massage is the practice of rubbing and kneading the body using the hands.

Body Scrub

A body scrub is a physical exfoliant that is usually either salt or sugar-based, used to remove dead skin


Shiatsu is a non invasive therapy originating from Japan. It uses a combination of kneading, pressing, tapping and stretching techniques.


Ear candling is a therapeutic practice during which a person inserts a lit candle into their ear.

Facial Massage

Facial massage is a cosmetic treatment that includes using hands or a tool to massage the face and neck to stimulate blood circulation, promote relaxation, and improve the appearance of the skin.


All of our staffs have been fully trained and have a local certification as masseurs. We value our
customers and commit ourselves to be resourceful and relevant through continuous improvements in
our products and services.


What do they say about us. We keep trying to do well.


Very good service I highly recommend a very comfortable place


The location which is very easy to find on the website has provided GPS access to the location


Prices are very affordable but the service is very satisfying

Rebecca Ortiz

Comfortable with the touch of his hands 💕 warm on my body. The smell of the room makes me calm... Thank you 😘


This is the first time I visited Escape SPA Batam, the staff were friendly, the therapist was very patient during the massage, the massage was good, tired, tired, my body disappeared, the room was clean, the strains of the instrument made me more relaxed, after the massage, I was given a cup of ginger tea and a piece of cake , the price is affordable, suitable for those of you who are busy working all day 🤗

Cindy win

Escape SPA Batam is a professional massage and spa place, very good for family and friends who want to have a massage here. The place is clean and smells good. Located in a complex near DC Mall and Nagoya

Our Team

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Contact us on Instagram by clicking on the image below or next to it
Contact us on Instagram by clicking on the image below or next to it

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